Since 2009, malady
Ne1co have collaborated with 1024 architecture and Godskitchen to not only operate the Boombox visuals during its extensive world tour of arenas and festivals, but also as content producers to refresh and upgrade the amazing visual phenomenon.

The Boombox stage was designed by Parisian collective 1024 architecture. The 16m x 6m scaffold structure is covered in custom gauze fabic and projected onto by 4 x 20k projectors.

The show is run from 2 Macbook pros, running custom software that Ne1co has helped to develop. The Boomboxer software is controlled via various midi controllers and a Ps3 joypad, which is also able to trigger lighting effects.

Boombox Profile

In Nov 2010, search Ne1co was invited to India to produce NPM01; a mapping project for a large private party in Delhi. The hand built timber framed stage / DJ box was designed alongside Production Eye and was run via Modul8 & Madmapper, this
using 2 x 20k projectors.

“Excellent content & implementation, proper technical set designs and amazing show!” – Arjun Bahl, Most Technical, India

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